Yucal Spa gives full body massages for the relaxation and release of built up stress and tension.

Chinese Massage | Yucal Spa | New Bern, NC | (252) 288-9894
At Yucal Spa, I specialize in Chinese massage therapy for the health and well-being of your body, soul, and mind. I am skilled in the forms...
Massage Therapy | Yucal Spa | New Bern, NC | (252) 288-9894
Massage therapy is considered an alternative medicine; however, Chinese massage therapy has ancient roots in the Far East and is...
Full Body Massage | Yucal Spa | New Bern, NC | (252) 288-9894
At Yucal Spa, we offer a deep tissue full body massage. We can discuss what you would like to improve, and we can plan the session...

Yucal Spa focuses on deep tissue massage for treatment and relief of chronic muscle pain and back pain.

Welcome to Yucal Spa

Yucal Spa specializes in Chinese massage therapy. If you are suffering physical pain, low energy and fatigue, mood imbalances, and chronic pain, Chinese medicine can help you return to an optimum state of health and well-being.

A form of Chinese medicine, Chinese massage therapy goes back thousands of years and has been used to aid in the improvement of health and well-being in one's life. Chinese massage therapy is based on the principles of chi, which is the flow of energy that is the vital life force of all living things. When there are blocks in this flow of energy, it can cause health issues, mental instabilities, low energy and fatigue, stress, poor circulation, sleep disorders, migraines, and chronic pain.

The goal of Chinese massage therapy is to remove the blockages in the energy flow and restore the vital energy. When the energy flow is restored, it improves energy and health, aids in faster healing of injuries, releases stress and tension, and gives you mental peace and well-being.

There are many techniques to Chinese massage therapy and its application has a variety of uses. A mild and gentler form can be used for relaxation purposes, and there is a more intense deep tissue massage for the treatment of chronic pain. I can work on any area of the body, or I can administer a full body massage.

I specialize in Chinese massage in New Bern, NC. Visit me today and let me help you relieve your chronic pain, restore lost energy, or aid in quicker recovery after an injury!