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At Yucal Spa, I specialize in Chinese massage therapy for the health and well-being of your body, soul, and mind. I am skilled in the forms of Asian massage, oriental massage, body massage, and foot massage for the treatment of many health maladies.

Oriental massage therapy stems from the Far East and uses concepts from Chinese medicine and principles of energy, known as chi. Chi is the life force that flows through the body. If this chi is strong, it generally results in a body that is healthy, energetic, and vibrant. A weak chi flow can cause low energy, fatigue, pain, and health issues. Oriental massage uses special massage techniques along with massage oils, and focuses on painful areas of the body with the goal of restoring balance back to your energy flow.

Asian massage therapy can help with many types of body pain and issues. Blocked energy flow can cause health ailments such as:

• Neck, Shoulder, and Back Muscle Aches and Pain
• Joint Pain (Arthritis, Rheumatism)
• Circulation Issues
• Headaches and Migraines
• Stress and Tension
• Digestive Disorders
• Sleep Problem

By working with different points of the body's energy system using body rub techniques, I can help restore optimum energy flow and circulation in the body, resulting in overall increased health, pain relief, stress release, and more. The benefits of Asian massage therapy can be applied to both the body and the mind, and the effects are far-reaching.

If you are looking for Chinese massage in New Bern, NC, come visit me today. I can help you find relief from your pain!