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At Yucal Spa, we offer a deep tissue full body massage. We can discuss what you would like to improve, and we can plan the session accordingly. Most full body massages include work to the back area, head, neck and shoulders, arms and hands, and legs and feet.

I want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as you can be during the massage and for communication to remain open. I can adjust pressure as needed in certain areas, or focus on one area more than another, so you can get exactly what you need from the session.

A full body massage utilizes deep tissue massage techniques. It focuses on the deeper muscle tissues, with more intense pressure and concentration being applied in order to release chronic muscle tension and pain. Usually, chronic and recurring pain and tension are the result of adhesions in the muscles—buildup of stiff tissues that are painful. Deep tissue massage penetrates these adhesions and breaks them down to release the pain and tension.

The benefits of deep tissue massage can relieve many chronic and recurring pain and tension in problem areas. If you are experiencing chronic pain in your lower back, legs, neck, shoulders, or any other part of your body, a deep tissue full body massage may be beneficial to you.

If you are looking for an experienced massage therapist for a full body massage in New Bern, NC, for back pain relief, a back rub, foot massage, arm massage, leg massage, or for the improvement of your health and well-being, visit Yucal Spa today!